Utility tariffs filed with the IUC show the rates and charges for public utility services and the rules and regulations under which such services are furnished.  A rate-regulated public utility shall not make any new or changed rate, charge, schedule, or regulation until it has been approved by the IUC and the IUC has determined an effective date, except as provided in Iowa Code chapter 476.6(8). Most utility tariffs have been scanned and uploaded to the IUC's electronic filing system. To find a specific tariff, select Search in the EFS navigation bar at the top of the EFS homepage and select Tariff Search from the drop-down menu.  From the Tariff Search page, you may search by utility name, industry type (i.e. gas, electric, telephone), and other options.

Tariff Information Available on Utility Websites:


In Iowa, a substantial majority of the rural independent telephone companies (ITCs) concur with the Iowa Communications Alliance Access Service Tariff No. 1 (ITA Tariff), which in turn adopts the regulations, rates and charges of National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) Tariff No. 5, with certain exceptions. NECA Tariff No. 5 contains the regulations, rates and charges associated with the provisioning of Common Line, Switched Access, and Special Access. The ITA Tariff lists the exceptions to the NECA tariffs and includes the rates the ITCs will charge interexchange carriers for intrastate access service. These access charges are company-to-company charges and are not directly billed to consumers.

For information on access charges, visit the Federal Communications Commission.


Tariff information presented on utility companies' websites has not been reviewed by the IUC. If a discrepancy between tariffs presented on a company's website and the approved tariff on file with the IUC is discovered, contact the IUC to have the information reviewed.