(Des Moines) – The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) approved the reappointments of seven members to the Dual Party Relay Council (DPRC) during its monthly public meeting today. The DPRC advises the IUB on matters related to the relay service and equipment distribution program that the IUB oversees by authority of the Legislature.

The reappointed DPRC members were Craig Graziano, Office of Consumer Advocate and DPRC Chair, Sandra Anderson, a Riverside consumer representative, Barbara Carlin, a Gilmore City consumer representative, Anne-Michelle Pedersen, an Urbandale consumer representative, Brett Seeburger, a Des Moines consumer representative, Michael Struck, an Urbandale consumer representative, and Johnathon Tuvera, a telephone company representative. The council members will serve two-year terms that expire August 31, 2025.

The relay service and equipment distribution program provide telephone accessibility to Iowans who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or have difficulty speaking. Under chapter 477C of the Iowa Code, the 11-member council must consist of six individuals who have communication disorders; two representatives from telephone companies; a representative from the Office of Consumer Advocate, a division of the Iowa Department of Justice; a representative from the Office of Deaf Services of the Iowa Department of Human Rights; and a member of the IUB or designee.

The other DPRC members are: Monica Stone, Office of Deaf Services, Shirley Hampton, a consumer representative, Kelsey Seaberg, IUB representative, and Casey Peck, a telephone company representative.

For more information about the Dual Party Relay Service program or council, visit the IUB website or contact the IUB at iub@iub.iowa.gov.